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When we visited Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, beside Nanshan Temple and the 108m Guanyin statue, there was the Longevity Valley (長壽谷). This valley has neither significant history nor beautiful Buddha statue. I guess it probably is just another nice place built to make the tourism zone more worth-the-money.

Ticket of Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, RMB 150, so expensive (RMB 78 for Hainan citizen)

In the valley, there are some trivia posted about nickname of different ages that we have found quite interesting and would like to share here.


喜壽:七十七歲 →草書喜字看似七十七



米壽:八十八歲 →米字看似八十八

白壽:九十九歲 →百字少一橫為白字



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Do you know that 南山 (Nanshan) in the well-known, 4-word phrase 壽比南山 (long life as great as Nanshan) is actually referring to Nanshan of Sanya?

Nanshan (南山, literally translated as South Mountain) is the southernmost mountain in China, and its historic facts and legends have led people to believe Nanshan as a blessed land of auspiciousness and longevity.

And here are some trivia to share…

According to the record from Buddhism scriptures, Guanyin Buddha (观音菩萨) vowed twelve oaths to save all living beings. To dwell at South Sea permanently is the second oath of the twelve.

Master Jianzhen (鉴真法师), the renowned monk in the Tang Dynasty, tried in vain five times to sail eastward to Japan to preach Buddha’s teaching. On his fifth sail to Japan, he drifted to Nanshan by a typhoon. While staying in Nanshan for one year and a half, he set up a temple and did missionary work, and then, finally succeeded in his sixth voyage to Japan.

The Japanese travel monk named Konghai (空海和尚) also landed at Nanshan on his way to learn Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty.

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This is a very interesting yet controversial story. Some people posted comments on forums debating whether this is a man or a woman, feeling angry and hostile about what this person is doing, arguing how sinful and messed up this is… etc, etc, etc.

I really don’t care if this is a man or a woman. It’s none of my business. And I don’t see how I am qualified to make such a judgment on the rightfulness and purity of this pregnancy.

Yet, there is one thing I feel strongly about – I really admire the courage of this couple. It is not easy to be different in our society, especially as different from the norm as this couple is. It takes loads of gut to face a world where most of its inhabitants embrace similarities and feel insecure and uneasy when facing differences.

These people love each other and are striving to live happily in this world. Thomas could end up being one of the most loving, caring, nurturing parent. But nonetheless, there will be many challenges to come, from the cold, inimical attitude of some random people on the street to the crying daughter telling how she gets bullied because of her unconventional family.

Yet, everything happens for a reason. There are lessons to be learned in everything that happens to us. That’s life, and that’s what so fun about life. So hold on there and enjoy the ride! 😉

Best wishes to the family.

Here is more about Thomas Beatie in the Oprah Winfrey Show website.

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This weekend, I read a news about a Chinese university student got hospitalized after watching a Coke and Mento eruption on YouTube and doing the same experiment with her own body. The Coke was erupting out of her mouth and nose like a fountain within 10 seconds after drinking around 300 ml of the pop and eating two Mentos. While this experiment cost the student internal bleeding and some damages in her stomach, it was lucky that she got sent to the hospital on time before the situation getting any worse.

I wondered why the hell anyone would want to try this on herself, especially after watching the eruption on YouTube and knowing what would happen. May be this student is such an adventurous girl who has serious craving for some priceless, first-hand experience, such as the sensation of the many little carbon dioxide bubbles expanding and busting in her throat, or the ultimate feeling of firing a jet of cola from her mouth like a fire-breathing dragon.

If this is the case, then okay… I understand. And for everyone else, please don’t be silly and try it with your own body. If you are curious about how it would be like, you can check out this video on YouTube.

Here is a very cool music fountain show by eepybird.com. 😀

And here is the explaination behind this diet coke mentos eruption phenomenon.

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Wahahahaha! This is so funny! 笑爆嘴! Hahahaha! 😛

Get this set of flash cards if you want to learn the latest and hippest Hong Kong Cantonese. Actually, besides the Hong Kong locals, tourists may want this too. It makes a good souvenir, definitely a Hong-Kong-only item. Hahaha

Check out how Cheung Chau goes hip too (長洲之太平超潮 ).

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So after I came back to Hong Kong from my Fujian trip a few days ago, I tried to do some research and learn more about the like and dislike of words in different parts of China. I couldn’t find much on this subject, yet, something else caught my attention. Besides the commonly used ones like “森”and “品”, there are actually many other words that are a set of three of another word, with some interesting ones that I bet many of us have never seen before.

Here are some of them.

: 興盛、多財 (金多)

: 木众多 (木多)

: 水大的樣子 (水多)

: 火花, 火焰(火多)

: 山高 (土多)

: 河流

: 疑慮 (心多)

: 許多人 (人多)

劦:合力;同力, 用力不停 ()

:扒手 (手多)

: , (but why people say 口多無“? haha)










猋:犬跑的樣子, 迅速


磊: 心地光明坦白

姦: 陰險, 男女發生不正當的性行為

轟: 形容大的聲響

蟲: 節肢動物的一類

聶: 附耳小語

矗: 直立

犇: 急走

Here is a post about Fujianese’ use of the word 鑫 and their love of gold.

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When I was in Varanasi, I stayed in Scindia Guesthouse. Although somehow it always took them forever to make the breakfast, food there was great, and I especially liked their banana honey toast. In fact, it was so good that it kept lingering in my mind for the whole month when I was in India and Nepal. And once I got back to Hong Kong, I made it and shared my new favorite with my dear dad. And yes, he loves it too.

It’s exactly what its name has suggested. Nothing fancy. I remember when I first saw it on the menu, I doubted how good banana would taste on toast. But thanks to my curiosity, I ordered it and found myself this yummy toast.

To make it better, I add cinnamon on top.

Try it!

PS: I stumbled upon this blog with delicious ideas and mouthwatering photos. The peanut-butter lovers should definitely check out the peanut butter banana honey toast!

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