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lugu-lake-06When we were in Lugu Lake (瀘沽湖), we didn’t stay in the very-touristy Lashui (落水), but in Lige (里格). Lige has only been redeveloped since the end of 2005, hence, all of the guesthouses there are very new.

All are newly built guesthouses. Because the government wants to keep the Mosuo (摩梭族) culture alive, it restricts all guesthouses to be built only in Mosuo architecture style.

When all the guesthouses look so much alike, one by one standing next to each other, tourists can’t really tell the difference when they first get to the town. When the hardware is very much the same, it is the software that counts. When the guesthouses look very much the same, with rooms charging closely to the market price, it is the customer service of the guesthouses that can make the difference.

And I think Luguoyizhan (路過憶棧), the guesthouse we stayed in Lige, understands this very well. 🙂 The guesthouse is mainly managed by two people. Both of them are very friendly, and always do their best to accommodate their customers’ needs.


This is 葉大媽, a straight-forward and righteous woman who thinks that charging customers more than the market price is a terrible thing to do.

When she learnt that Yik and I got over-charged by our driver for a Naxi home visit, she got very upset with the driver, as if the driver was a wicked villain who had committed some ugly sins. But for us, while getting ripped-off wasn’t something worth celebrating, we were happy that we got over-charged by just 20 rmb, an affordable lesson which we have learned much from. 😀


Instead of ordering from the menu, we went straight into the kitchen, checked out what fresh food they had for the day, and decided on our order.


Dinner time!


free internet for its customers, all with LCD monitor too 8)

lugu-lake-03 business card of Luguoyizhan


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